About Simply Music Accordion

About Simply Music

Simply Music is the largest playing-based music education institution in the world. Beginning with the original Simply Music piano and keyboard program developed by Australian Educator Neil Moore, we have grown into a worldwide organization of more than 700 dedicated Teachers offering innovative programs, from birth through the whole of life, promising a World where Everyone Plays.

Each of us is deeply, profoundly musical. We see this in the way we walk down the street, the way we talk, the way we rock and sing to a baby. And just as a baby naturally learns skills like speaking before it learns to read and spell, music can be learned by harnessing our inbuilt, natural gifts.

Our programs view music learning via a new lens that has students experience musical self-expression as a given. We teach them to play the piano by immersing them in the actual experience of playing, providing a subtle balance between guidance, discovery and direct ‘hands-on’ experience, and including improvisation and composition alongside learning the compositions of others.

About Hohner

Where would a musical instrument be without education and qualified teachers? It must have been this thought that motivated the founder Matthias Hohner and his successors to look beyond the mere manufacturing of instruments. Hohner was the first company to invest in education by having its own music conservatory (Hohner-Konservatorium) with the simple goal of making music teaching available to the young and old.

It is with this same vision and enthusiasm for education that Hohner is proud to announce the partnership with Simply Music to bring forth a new and fresh approach to accordion music education.

One of the world’s pre-eminent accordion makers, Hohner has been manufacturing accordions for over 100 years and we would not be able to continue doing this without the most important component called music education.

About Patricia Bartell

The Simply Music Accordion Program has been adapted from the Simply Music Piano program by Patricia Bartell. Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Patricia began playing at age eight and teaching at sixteen. During her senior year in high school, thanks to the encouragement of her teacher Alicia Lipscomb, she knew playing music and teaching music was what she wanted to pursue as a career.
She has a B.A. in Music Education and Accordion Performance and has studied accordion in France under world-renowned teacher Frédéric Deschamps and piano with Dr. Judith Schoepflin of Whitworth University and Kendall Feeney of the Golandsky Institute.

Her performances, whether individual, ensemble, or with other classical artists both in the USA and Europe, continue to receive high reviews. She has performed in numerous international competitions, claiming many titles. Patricia teaches accordion and piano full time in Spokane, Washington and travels world-wide as an adjudicator, a Hohner endorsee concert performer and teacher. Her passion is not only in teaching students but also training and mentoring new teachers. Ms. Bartell is a member of Tango Volcado (Argentine Tango Quartet), leads a radical young accordion band called, “The Portatos,” and is the USA adjudicator for the Trophée Mondial – a prestigious international accordion championship.