Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a degree in music education to teach Simply Music Accordion?

No. If you love playing the accordion and have basic playing skills, are at ease with people of all ages, love to share music with others and have a willingness to embrace new ideas, you can be a part of this program. Our Training Program and Teaching Materials guide you step-by-step through the Simply Music Accordion method.

I feel under-qualified to teach, particularly to more experienced students.

This is a common misconception. Keep in mind that Simply Music Accordion is designed for the millions of people who want to play the accordion for fun. Our curriculum moves students through a comprehensive program and is designed to have students playing an enormous repertoire of great-sounding music. Because Simply Music Accordion is a playing-based program, the fact that it uses a unique approach and looks at music in a totally new light, it is common for experienced players to gain an enormous amount from our entry-level techniques, approaches and concepts.

When do students learn to read music?

During the first year or so of lessons, the Simply Music Accordion program focuses on building a substantial repertoire of great-sounding pieces. In the second year of lessons, students expand into more specialized areas including music reading and theory.

Is it easy to enroll students?

Our experience is that people are genuinely excited to discover that they can learn to play great songs – quickly, easily and simply. Also, because of the results achieved with Simply Music Accordion, many teachers find that they commonly receive word-of-mouth referrals from their existing students. It is also important to understand that everyone, without exception, is musical, and everywhere there are people who have always dreamed of being able to play music.

At what age can a student begin learning the Simply Music Accordion method?

Students can start as early as ages six or seven. We also have teenagers, adults and seniors successfully learning this program. Our oldest beginning students are in their 80’s and 90’s. For younger students, we have programs such as Simply Music Rhapsody and Play-a-story which make an ideal introduction to music and prepare students for Simply Music Accordion at the appropriate age.

How much can I make as a teacher?

This will vary according to many factors: the number of students a teacher wants to teach; the number of hours they have available to teach; and the amount they wish to charge for lessons, all of which are entirely up to the individual teacher. Teachers can present the program to students individually, or in Shared Lessons. As a result, teachers are free to determine for themselves the size of their student base, and this will vary according to their individual needs and income requirements.

As a piano teacher, is it practical to add accordion to my studio if I don't have any experience with accordion?

The Simply Music Accordion method uses the same methodology as the highly regarded Simply Music Piano program and works wonderfully with the right hand of a piano accordion. The bass in the left hand can also be seen via a very similar playing-based, pattern-focused approach. This makes the learning curve for a piano teacher minimal and even makes teaching possible for those with limited piano playing or no piano teaching experience.

What is the best size accordion to start with?

The 48 bass accordion is the smallest instrument the SMA is compatible with. For young students, the 48 bass accordion is perfect. Adults can begin on a larger instrument like the 72 or 96 bass accordion.